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Congrads Hilarie and Brandon!

by on Oct.02, 2011, under Events

On Saturday night we got to help Hilarie and Brandon celebrate their wedding out at the Bear Dance Golf Club down in Larkspur.  What a great time.   We got to watch the ceremony from the club house.  They exchanged their vows out on a golf green.   It was very very beautiful.

photo booth image with 4 ladies

Once the reception got going, we got the photo booth fired up.  I would say that for this event, the majority of the images had at least three people in them.  We just didn’t see that much  single person boot usage.  That made it great fun for everyone.   I used the reprint feature liberally so that everyone would have a copy to take with them.

Photo Booth picture with Bride and her friends

I absolutely love the versatility that our photo booth design gives us.  We were able to pull the bench out of the booth to accommodate Hilarie’s mother who was in a wheel chair.  We pulled the bench and angled the camera down, and were able to get her mother and a group in there.  I think we ended up with four or five in the booth.

Photo booth picture with many people having fun in the photo booth

Everyone had a great time switching between the photo booth and the dance floor.  Hilarie and Brandon brought in Ultimate Sounds to keep the music flowing throughout the evening.

For their scrap book, Brandon’s mother wanted to do the finishing touches.  So we provided our standard scrap booking service printing out double prints for all the photo booth sessions, mounting them on scrap book paper, and then allowing the guests to write their personal messages to the Bride and Groom on the pages using our scrap booking pens.   We had a lot of cool pages.   It turned out really special.

Congratulations to Hilarie and Brandon.  We wish you the best!!!

Here is the slide show of the evening:

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It’s All About the Kids

by on Oct.01, 2011, under Events

Had a wonder Friday evening with Denver Christian Schools.  This was their 2011 Fall Festival.  It was a great time.  The kids love love love the photo booth.  DCS used a ticket system to help raise money for the school.  I know that there were some kids who would have spent the entire evening in the booth if they had the option.   I don’t think there was a single prop unused.  I had to pull out everything I had with me, and with them, it turned into a challenge to see how many props they could wear at a time.

I’m glad that they had such a great time.

(Sorry, no pictures for this event.  Can’t post elementary school pictures without releases.)

Thanx DCS!  I hope to see you again next year.

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A New Photo Booth Record – 16

by on Sep.08, 2011, under Events

We set a new record the other day!   We got 16 people in the photo booth.

16 people packed into a photo booth

It was awesome!   We had hands and legs hanging out all over the place.  It was so much fun to see the former record being broken.   I can’t wait to see 17.  I know it won’t take long once I put the new record out there.

Here is a slide show of some of our favorite pics:


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Finding Good Help

by on Aug.08, 2011, under Photo Booth Stuff


Brian and Tracy

So hard to find good help these days.   “Anyone seen the photo booth people….  I think they’re in the booth… ”   🙂


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A Devine Wedding

by on Aug.07, 2011, under Events

Truly a Devine Wedding. Jodi and Stephen were fantastic.

A Devine Wedding

The Bride and Groom

I think all the guests participated in the scrapbook.  They went with a black book with black pages.  By the end of the night, it looked awesome.  Just as they were leaving I was able to hand the book to Jodi.   I assume they took it with them on their way to Disney (I think).

The bride and three of her friends in a photo booth

The Girls

The Groom and his buddy in the photo booth

The Guys...









More pictures can be found here


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Robert and Rebecca

by on Jun.25, 2011, under Events

These guys are my new best friends.  We had a awesome day over that Hudson Gardens.  It was a perfect day.   The bride and groom got married in a beautiful garden.  At this event, I had Kirk and Jonny running the booth.  Everyone had an awesome time!  The booth was a real hit with the guests.

Robert and Rebecca

The Bride and Groom in the photo booth


I think pictures speak a thousand words.  So I’ll leave you with a few more images.


A lot of people sqeezed in the photo booth

Group shot in the Photo Booth

Guests in the photo booth









Click here to see all the images


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Green Screen a Huge Success

by on Jun.14, 2011, under Events

Hey Gang!

I tried something new a while ago and I can’t believe I forgot to post about it.  I took the photo booth partially apart (meaning I left off the back and drapes) and configured it to use a green screen.   It turned out to be very cool!  I went over to the church in Parker for their annual VBS.  I configured the touch screen to give the kids an option of four different backgrounds.  The kids loved the ability to pick what they wanted.     Then all they had to do was hit the button and take the pictures.

Wanye and Tammi on the green screen

The Super Heroes

Two boys haning out in the bat cave

Hanging in the bat cave..









It was fun watching anyone wearing green get in front of the screen; they would disappear!

Kids in front of the spider man background




Two girls in front of the superfriends image

They're Superfriends!



I suppose this could be considered weatherman pre-training.  I’ve never done a green screen before and found it great fun.  I can’t wait to perfect it even more.


There are so many fun things to do with this.  You’re just limited by your creativity.



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Seeing NEON

by on May.21, 2011, under Events

Tonight, Jonny and I got to attend an 8th grade graduation party. There was plenty of music, plenty of food, and plenty of fun to go around. You can see from the strips that Lilly likes neon colors, so I spent some time coming up with a nice design that incorporated nice bright NEON colors.

Lilly's Guests

Girls posing in the photo booth

Good posing

Kids goofing around

Lucky Guy

These 2×6 three-up strips are really growing on me. I like the option that you have with three-up photo to include more information about the event at the bottom. The four-up strips are really a bit short on space in my opinion. I’ve really seen the light with the 2×6 strips in general, especially for younger groups. For each photo booth session you get two 2×6 strips. It’s really a nice option if all the kids want a copy for themselves. I also love the fact that my Sony updr200 cuts them for me. Not something I can say about the larger 3×8 strips.

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A Touch of Class

by on May.15, 2011, under Photo Booth Stuff

I love this picture!!!!


Cool picture of the photo booth

Cool picture

This picture was taken up at Estes Park.  I love how the light reflects off the back drapes of the booth.   The room is also a little bit dark, so the sign shows up really well.  One of the things I’ve always felt strongly about is that I think CRPB’s booth is one of the most elegant booths I’ve seen.  This is what you want at your wedding.  I really love how this booth looks once the lights are dimmed.  No cheesy graphics, no advertising, just class.

Here is another neat picture that shows the screen a bit more.

Image of the booth looking at the screen

A view of the front of the booth


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2011 Mad Hatters Ball

by on May.07, 2011, under Events

This year we were pleased to be asked to participate in the Dani’s Foundation 2011 Mad Hatters Ball.   Dani’s Foundation was formed to help find a cure for pediatric sarcoma.   This year’s Mad Hatters Ball was a fund raiser to support those efforts.   The event was held in Downtown Denver at the Invesco Station.   This is a really cool building just beside Invesco Field.  It felt to me like I was in an old train station.

Guests at the Mad Hatters Ball

Guests checking out the Booth

The people and patients were all great.

More Guests

Getting into the props

We designed a layout for them that helped to match the theme.  The dazzling swirls of the confusing Mad Hatter theme.  I really liked this layout.

Funny Guests

Good Looking Couple

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